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About Us
About Provision Marketing Services, Inc.
We are a Florida-based company headquartered in Winter Park, Florida.

Our access to the major cable-telco service providers, uniquely positions us to select and recommend those products and services that best suit your needs as an individual, family or business.

We do not "force a fit" into a "one shoe fits all" arrangement – a practice which is prevalent in the market today. Instead, we bring an honest and ethical approach to home residents and businesses that ensures that our solutions are client-driven, not product or company-driven, and therefore, in your best interests, as a residential or business customer.

If you are a home or business owner who is BUILDING OUT, be aware of the rapidly-changing nature of IS/IT product. Long lead times in construction work against you. Proper guidance will prevent erroneous installations of nearly obsolete systems whose functionality which will soon after be limited. As such, it is advisable to delay the final decision of systems and vendors deep into the construction phase. Working with ProVision early-on, will assure the flexibility to accommodate those late-term decisions. We will work with your space planners, engineers, and architects to adapt physical plans to meet environmental requirements of any new or upgraded telecommunications systems.

About Us
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